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The A4000 Agile CATV Modulator offers performance, flexibility and reliability to meet the most demanding requirements. It accepts video and audio baseband inputs and provides a modulated visual and aural carrier on any NTSC or PAL channel in the 45 to 853 MHz range.

A4000 Analog CATV Modulator



  • Versions available for NTSC, PAL B, G, I, D, K, M, N, L formats
  • RF output level of +53 dBmV over 55 to 853 MHz
  • Front panel Microprocessor controlled. LED display
  • Fully quartz synthesized visual and aural carriers
  • SAW filtering ensures broadcast quality RF performance
  • Carrier to noise does not degrade with decreased RF level adjustment
  • Frequency offsets automatically selected for FCC requirements
  • Ultra low noise performance -72/-92 dBc (see specifications)
  • 80 channel system noise performance > 55 dBc/4 MHz
  • High reliability, state of the art design using MMIC, microstrip and SMD technology
  • Low cost
  • Durable design

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A4000 Data Sheet

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