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H.264/AVC & H.265/HEVC Live Encoder Servers

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Bravura Live Servers ingest MPEG-TS/IP or SDI inputs, encode to H.264/AVC or H.265/HEVC and deliver broadcast/live TV services for OTT TV. Support for all adaptive streaming formats allows viewers to experience the best video quality, on any device. Proven DRM, subtitling, CDN, and Ad Insertion interoperability with the eco-system provides for easy operation and administration. Bravura Live Servers support N+M redundancy schemes and network teaming for robust operation.

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  • Turn-key appliances for OTT TV & IPTV
  • Live Video Encoding, Transcoding and Packaging
  • Ingest live feeds from IP or SDI
  • Encodes to H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC
  • Future-proof, software upgradeable appliances


  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) Servers
  • API compatible with Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Content Distribution Networks (CDN) such as Akamai(1), Level 3 and others

(1)Certification in progress

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Bravura Live Server Data Sheet

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