Bravura Mosaic Server

Mosaic Generator Server for Live EPG and Monitoring

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Bravura Mosaic Server generates user configurable mosaic pages in real-time from broadcast/live TV services or existing file-based video assets. Used for channel browsing in live EPG, or for monitoring applications, the unit ingests up to 64 live or file video input feeds, and displays them on a single video output. The composited scene is delivered in HD or SD resolution, multiplexed with the associated audio feeds. Bravura Mosaic Server offers monitoring functionalities such as cycling or alarms for head-end operation rooms and supports N+M redundancy schemes and network teaming for robust operation.

bravura mosaic server



  • Turn-key 1RU appliance for Live EPG and monitoring
  • Option for OTT TV delivery
  • Ingests up to 20 HD or 64 SD inputs
  • Encodes to H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC, up to 4K at 30fps
  • Support for multiple output pages
  • Future-proof, software upgradeable appliance


  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) Servers
  • API compatible with Content Management Systems (CMS)

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Bravura Mosaic Server Data Sheet

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