BWIN™ – Broadband Wireless Internet Network

Base Station

A DOCSIS® CMTS is used to bridge the Ethernet LAN (connection to the Internet) to the BWIN™ wireless system at the base station. BWIN™ base station equipment is available for 600 MHz, 700 MHz, or the 2.5 GHz GHz frequencies.


BWIN subscriber transceivers serve to frequency translate and amplify the upstream and downstream signals to the appropriate cable frequencies for use by an indoor DOCSIS® cable modem. BWIN susbcriber transceivers are available for for 600 MHz (RRBS), 700 MHz (USA Block A,B,C), 2.5 GHz In-Band or the 3.5 GHz frequencies.

Network Management

The MHM-MSM Server and provides system operators with comprehensive tools to operate and manage BWIN networks from Vecima Networks.

The centralized design of the Microwave History Manager [MHM] simplifies many common maintenance and administration tasks by allowing password protected access for qualified personnel to view and configure crucial network parameters from either in the field or at the office. MHM also provides a vital tool for Vecima Networks to provide remote assistance to its customers and guarantee end-user satisfaction.

The Microwave Subscriber Manager [MSM] expands on the basic MHM by adding functions for complete subscriber station provisioning that allow the system operator to create and administer custom subscriber service packages (i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze) based on downstream/upstream data rates and priority. These policies are assigned directly to each subscriber station on the BWIN network.

All MHM and MSM transactions take place in a secure environment using HTTPS or SSH which are proven data encryption technologies.