Legacy QAM Adapter for DAA

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The Entra Legacy QAM Adapter (LQA) accepts RF from existing Edge QAM equipment, demodulates the QAM carriers, encapsulates in R-DEPI, RTP or UDP and provides unicast/multicast MPTS over Ethernet to the Access Node for re-modulation to RF. The LQA allows operators to leverage the existing installed edge QAM infrastructure for R-PHY and R-MACPHY deployments. The LQA minimizes new headend equipment, mitigates interoperability risk, and easily supports mixed deployments of centralized and distributed access.

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  • 256 total demodulators in 1RU
  • Flexible front end RF architecture provides access to 64 demodulators in each of 4 demodulation groups:
    • Demodulation groups are independently configurable to any of the following modes: 64 demodulations on 1 port, 32 demodulations on each of 2 ports, 16 demodulations on each of 4 ports
  • Northbound RF interface input power range allows a direct connection to an edge QAM or to a test point
  • Southbound IP interface to Access Nodes
    • Full bit rate MPTS over R-DEPI, RTP or UDP (including all nulls)
  • Supports any vendor RPD

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LQA256 Data Sheet


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