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The Portico is a high capacity DOCSIS 3.0 mini-CMTS optimized for Ethernet over Coax (EoC) applications, Portico is a turnkey solution that can be easily deployed over existing coaxial cabling in MDU, hospitality and commercial locations to provide high speed connections for up to 432 (DOCSIS 3.0) concurrent cable modems. Portico has a built in DHCP/TFTP server and is also DOCSIS 2.0 compatible.




  • High Throughput
    • Downstream: Up to 800 Mbps EuroDOCSIS, Up to 600 Mbps DOCSIS
    • Upstream: Up to 120 Mbps
  • Built in DHCP/TFTP server for provisioning (no external server is required)
  • Up to 16 bonded downstream channels
  • Up to 4 bonded upstream channels
  • Web interface for configuration and management
  • Backed by Vecima’s maintenance and support options
  • Proven standardized DOCSIS Quality of Service



  • IPTV – Commercial or Hospitality
  • Distributed CMTS
  • Business Services
  • High Speed MDU Broadband Access

DOCSIS is a registered trademark of Cable Television Laboratories Inc.

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