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The Terrace DVB Commercial Video Gateway is a multi-channel QAM to DVB-T or QAM to QAM decrypting transmodulator used for business to business commercial video applications. Demodulated MPEG transport streams are decrypted by DVB CAM technology and then re-modulated to the desired DVB-T or QAM channel.

The Terrace DVB can decrypt using 8 DVB CAMs and provides up to 8 DVB-T or QAM channels to allow a full line-up of customized programming.

Terrace DVB



  • HD Content provides B2B commercial grade HD programming
  • Eliminates the need for in-room set-top boxes
  • Capacity for up to 32 programs
  • Input: DVB-C / QAM Annex B
  • Output: DVB-T / DVB-C / QAM Annex B / ISDB-Tb
  • Decryption with up to 8 DVB Professional CAMs
  • Supports DVB tables for Virtual Channel Numbers
  • Create a unique Free to Guest Broadcast lineup

NOTE: DVB Professional CAMs are not included with unit

Product Data Sheet


Terrace DVB (QAM to DVB-T) Data Sheet

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Terrace DVB (QAM to QAM) Data Sheet

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