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Vecima’s Terrace View provides a proactive global monitoring and automated reporting system for MSOs with a significant installed base of Terrace commercial video products. Monitor alarms, CableCARD information, channel lineups and device information (serial number, IP addresses, MAC addresses, etc). Critical management operations (upgrade, reboot, debug dump) can be scheduled and/or performed remotely.

Terrace View provides central access to all Terrace devices on a user’s network, eliminating the need to log into each device individually. Analyzing service impacting problems before customers notice a degradation of service is simplified and common issues affecting multiple units are easier to identify. Simply open a support case with Vecima’s support team from within Terrace View to assist in resolving detected issues. This in turn reduces No Fault Found (NFF) returns and makes engagement with support personnel more effective.



  • Groups page allows the Region, Headend, Hub, and Site location to be defined for Terrace devices
  • Audit trail shows history of important actions taken within Terrace View such as login to Terrace View, creation/modification of regions or groups, redefining a Terrace device location, etc.
  • Schedule and/or perform upgrades, reboots and debug dumps for Terrace devices remotely
  • Central view of all Terrace devices simplifies data analysis and troubleshooting – issues affecting multiple devices are more easily detected
  • View device information (listing, firmware, MIA, CableCARDs, QAM input mappings, analog output mappings, active alarms, QAM mappings, and OOB SI channel map) and current operational status
  • Assists in detecting problems caused by equipment upstream of Terrace devices in the network chain
  • Predefined user roles allow system administrators to control access
  • Reports can be created for all devices, or devices found within a region, headend, hub, or site

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